1. okcgoldmine:

    via fridakashflow. DEMICRATS NEED NOT APPly

  2. baturday:

    Some of the bats from the Bomaderry Creek colony, in rehab from heat-stress illnesses. http://www.indiegogo.com/bats-in-need/

    Submitted by: elspethdemina


  5. fuckyeahtattoos:

    Done By Chris Acaster
    @Big Robs Tattoo’s, Hull
    Instagram: chriscolour
    FB: Chris Acaster

  6. fuckyeahtattoos:

    By JA CA, France.

  7. fuckyeahtattoos:

    Flash piece for shark week by Kyle Walker at Guru tattoo in San Diego. I have named him Balthazar and I love him.

  8. inkedgirls:


    © April-lea Hutchinson



  9. stophatingyourbody:

    Okay, I know I’ve been spamming you with family photos but this is a picture of a family member who is basically the closest thing to a sister that I have


    And her mother told when she was ten to go on a diet.

    She has told her that she can only wear certain clothes because shes not skinny enough.

    She has told Janine (this girl above) that she doesn’t have the body type that pretty girls have.

    She made Janine take back a bathing suit because it didn’t have a skirt to “cover her thighs.”

    Her mother made her do sit-ups when she was little so she “wouldn’t get fatter.”

    I really want this to get as many notes as it can to show that she’s fucking beautiful and her mother has no fucking idea what she’s talking about. I want Janine to know that her mother’s wrong.


  10. chubby-bunnies:

    us. 12/14

    oh m y god can i be you??