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    USA size 15

  2. always proud, or at least trying to be :)

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    Dyed haired. Studs. Dark lipstick. Tattoos.

    People stray away from me because I look “mean”, funny how the cruelty from people shaped me into who I am and I absolutely love it. I remain a tough cookie because I spent to much of my life being weak, only YOU can control how YOU feel. So love YOURSELF. :)

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    New bathing suit, proud of my body! all you girls are beautiful<3 US-14 :) http://elenaeveryday.tumblr.com/

    holyy shit i love this suit and i want one

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    welsh. size 16-18

    i love my curves, and so should everyone else.<3

    i wish i was a fucking BODYSNATCHER so i could hatch from an egg and be this