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    I’m goin on a bit of a rant again guys. This has been bugging me a while.

    I have never ever been to an art class aside from grade 8 art and grade 10. I am almost entirely self-taught and I know I have a long way to go.

    This is my first ever acrylic painting, (sorry for crappy picture), and I wasn’t used to the medium, so I decided to paint in my usual style, and paint a character I draw alot. AKA- Davesprite from homestuck. I painted this for my friend. This isn’t the only style I draw in, I have tried many others and I am working on it.

    A few days ago I went to see what kind of grade I would get for it and my art grade overall. Since I was at an A last term, I expected maybe a B overall. 

    This term I am at a C.  

    I lost two grade marks.


    She doesn’t think this is an art style.

    I respect peoples opinions, and I won’t deny that “cartoony art” isn’t something you’d see in high and snooty galleries, but I put alot of work into this. Each class is 80 minutes.

    I spent five classes AND evenings at home on this.

    It may seem a bit much for such a small painting, but I wanted to try different things and draw wings properly (Which I did mess up on but hey, I tried.)

    My teacher wants me to change MY style to something SHE likes. I have heard of her making kids change their paintings to something she liked more that honest to god ruined the painting. I’ve seen examples of bright, creative art that goes “blah” after she gets a hold of it.

    Regardless, I still took the class, and hoped for the better. And I regret it.

    In my family, my sister is the artist, I am not. So I was hoping for some acknowledgement of sorts. What did I get?

    “I was kinda expecting you to draw more like your sister.” “This style isn’t very artistic.” 

    I have never felt so insulted in my life

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my sisters art, I adore it, I’d love to have her talent, but I am not my sister.

    She only gave me an A last term “because I thought maybe you’d show more now.”

    I want to know tumblr’s opinion. Because I have never felt so ignored and insulted in my life. I have handed in multiple drawings with many different styles. But she only acknowledges me as a “kid who should try to be more like her sister.”

    Art isn’t set by one person, everyone has their own values and ideas, but to shoot down someone trying their best is just plain ignorant.

    I trust people to give me their honest opinion, and I know I overreact at times, but this just hurt.

    I am incredibly upset and I tried to brush it off, but now I don’t even want to draw. Not right now, at least.

    I’m not putting the pencil down for good, I’m gonna push past this and work harder, but I needed to get this off my chest.


    I don’t exactly have followers, but, y’know.

    this is one of the most terrible things I’ve ever read about a teacher on here. fill this girl’s ask box with the knowledge that she’s great.

    I hate teachers like that. Fortunately I had a great art teacher who was very encouraging.

    What ever happened to being encouraging? I’m almost positive that every body hated most great artists when they started out. Cartoons are great. You’re great. Punch her in the throat.

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    Snooty asshat teachers should get their own work verbally torn up, so they know how it feels to be ignored. I am easily...
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    That is fucking dumb as shit. I’ve had art teachers like that. Fucking hate people who completely talk down someone’s...
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    This is the reason I didn’t take Art classes past Middle School. It was never something we wanted to draw, it was...
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    From what I can see that Davesprite is excellently rendered. Maybe some teeny nit-picky anatomy issues, but the...
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    Wow…I had an art teacher like that…if the style was ‘anime’ or ‘cartoonish’ it was not art and she asked you not to draw...
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    You don’t deserve to be dropped two letter grades for style unless there was a stylistic requirement for the assigment...
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    First of all, your picture is amazing! Secondly, I’m going to college for graphic design and I have been drawing anime...
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    Welcome to the world of art. It sucks, trust me. Now, I’m an aspiring art teacher, so I do have a few questions for the...
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    Ugh teachers can really suck sometimes This may sound a bit mean but I hope she draws/paints/whatever the fuck/ and I...
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    the number one rule of an art class DONT GRADE THE ART ON HOW ‘GOOD’ YOU THINK IT IS. YOU CANT GRADE ART THAT WAY. You...
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